Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello World

Sixteen months, 103,417 lines of code, 154 meetings, 1,034 cans of Mountain Dew, and GWAP.com is finally here!

The Name. Yes, GWAP is a little weird as a name. Partly because we're a little weird ourselves, and partly because it's impossible to get a decent domain name. GWAP stands for "Games With A Purpose", a phrase coined by Lenore Blum to describe the types of games found on this site.

The Purpose. The games on this site all have a common purpose: to make computers more intelligent. As you play the games, you are teaching computers things that they don't know yet. Please help them learn!

The Team. The person who made this site possible is our chief engineer, Mike Crawford. He agreed to move from Australia to Pittsburgh to work on this project -- ha! In addition, Michael Brotzman, Severin Hacker (yes, his last name really is Hacker), Edith Law, Bryant Lee, and Edison Tan all spent countless hours architecting the games and the site. Ryan Staake was our ninja graphic designer.

The Past. GWAP.com is brought to you by the same people who created The ESP Game (a.k.a., the Google Image Labeler), Peekaboom and reCAPTCHA.

Check out our video!


Luis von Ahn
Executive Producer


  1. Gwap owns! Just that the gender guesser is a bit inaccurate telling that I am with 99% chance a female, as I am not.

    Check out the post I made about GWAP here :D

  2. Hey luis this video is awesome... nice work..

  3. I miss Peekaboom! I was SO addicted! Why can't we play anymore???